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art platform for
art lovers.,artists.,galleries.,collectioners.

You can sell, buy, trade, register or protect artworks with the help of countless amazing features of Artbul.


Technologies for the
stress-free reward of your efforts

Cloud Network

User Friendly

Plagiarism Protection

Fast Transactions

Reports & Forecasting

Customers Worldwide

Configurable Fields

Secure Payments

For Art Lovers

Find that artwork that
will make you fall in love

Worlwide original artworks

Thousands of artworks from every style, every color and movement

Buyer protection

Pay after smooth delivery with secure payment algorithm

Invest blue chip artworks

Save art from the hands of the lucky few and play a role in its democratization

Bid on auctions

Be the winner of valuable auctions

For Artists

Register your artwork and receive
creator earning

Plagiarism Protection

Record your artwork on the blockhain and preserve the originality forever

Creator Earning

Protect your moral rights over your artwork. Get creator earning from every sale

Custom Orders

Offer on special order postings, get the job and increase your reputation

Why Choose Artbul?

Here are a few reasons why galleries choose the Artbul

Online Marketplace

Open your collection to the global market. Let thousands of art lovers from dozens of countries see it.

Online Auctions

Our carefully curated auctions offer multiple ways to reach a wide audience, ensuring your artwork reaches its full potential.

Technology for Free

Access the art technologies offered by Artbul for free. Grow your business with technology.

Personal Database

Keep track of your sales, customers, and business activities for free. Create your personal database.

Earn More

With lower fees than traditional auction houses and dealerships, you retain a larger share of the final sale proceeds.

Detailed Reports

Use insightful reporting, fast cash flow forecasting and actionable financial insights with Artbul.


Manage all your collection, in one place.

Easily manage your entire collection, customers, orders, accounting and financial reports with the technologies offered free of charge by Artbul.